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We are committed to shipping fresh, expertly roasted single origin coffees directly to your door. As your coffee concierge, we are available to guide, to educate, and to be educated as to what coffees you love to drink. Life's tough. Let us provide you with some small measure of comfort, that first cup of coffee before all hell breaks loose. And you don't have to say a word.


Third Wave Coffees; Rust Belt Prices

Friends Specialty responsibly sources the finest green coffees from all over the world. One perk of being trapped in the Rust Belt? We can pass on the savings of our low overhead to you. Not convinced? Just google any of our coffees to see what the competition charges. Crazy, right? And that's for twelve ounces, most likely.


Friends in Downtown Youngstown

Forget it, that's history. When we realized we spent far too much energy commuting, cooking, baking, cleaning, schlepping and generally micromanaging our baristas, we called it a day and never looked back. Coffee is what we love.


Fundraising for our Best Friends

Coffee as a force for good? Friends Specialty believes that we can make a difference by donating a sizable portion of our online sales to affiliate non profits. Become an affiliate today!

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Colombia, Popoyan,  1lb. (16oz.)
Colombia, Popoyan, 1lb. (16oz.)
$ 13.95
Ethiopia, Sidamo, Werka  1lb. (16oz.)
Ethiopia, Sidamo, Werka 1lb. (16oz.)
$ 16.75
Guatemala, Huehuetenango, ASDECAFE Co-op  1lb.(16oz.)
Guatemala, Huehuetenango, ASDECAFE Co-op 1lb.(16oz.)
$ 14.95
Papua New Guinea, Waghi Valley, Ulya Estate 1lb.(16oz.)
Papua New Guinea, Waghi Valley, Ulya Estate 1lb.(16oz.)
$ 13.75
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Home alone...and lovin' it!

A new year; a new beginning.

While we never would have imagined the turn of events last year, we are thrilled to be cafe-free and on to other projects. As we finish our latest, I figured it would be a good time to catch up with you all.

The drama continues behind the scenes, but that’s not important to us.

As we take some time to rest and re-group, to adjust to the new reality of life without brick and mortars, we are also plotting the next Act of our careers. (Last year we read a book by two Stanford professors, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, taken from their very popular class, “Designing Your Life.” Using design methodology, one can craft a new life without jettisoning the old, but building on what works in it. I’ve read plenty of books on this subject, but this was just a bit different in its strategy. As a pragmatic person, it appealed to me. The assignments were practical and enlightening. I highly recommend it for those of you who feel unfulfilled in your current situation.)

Dexter before his coffee...

Dexter before coffee
When stripped to the essentials, what we love is coffee and tea. We love coffee and tea because they are healthful and delicious. We love the ritual of preparing and enjoying them, preferably in their most basic state...add hot water, steep, sip. Share with a friend, or a peaceful cup alone, either works. That morning cup has been the cornerstone of our lives for thirty years.

Drinking the best coffee and tea is affordable if you brew it at home.

Even as specialty coffee prices have risen (and farmers’ lives have improved as a result) you can still drink a fine cup of coffee for under a buck. While craft beer, fine wine, and top shelf liquor may become a luxury for many of us, that cup of specialty coffee remains an economic line in the sand.

Dexter enjoying his coffee...

Dexter enjoying his coffee.

We’ve made the “Buy Two Pounds and Get Free Shipping!” the focus of our online strategy.

By only buying two pounds, the coffee is less likely to get stale. That has always been very important to us. Does free shipping cut into our profits? Definitely. However, we cut out the expenses of running cafes and all the attending headaches, and we’re satisfied with the trade off.

Please check out our website and consider buying your coffee online from Friends Specialty. Our prices are more than fair given the quality and freshness of our beans.
Now that our online business is finally the focus, shipping times have improved with USPS Priority Mail getting it anywhere in the country within three days.

Dexter lit after drinking his coffee...

Dexter lit after coffee

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